Desk Job Tips: One Desk Stretch to Relieve Leg Pain


Desk Job Tips: One Desk Stretch
to Relieve Leg Pain

When you spend too long sitting, one effect can be tight hamstrings. That means more chance of injury, other movement problems and pain. Here’s one easy stretch for you to do at your desk whilst seated to relieve leg pain:

1. Move towards the edge of your seat

2. Straighten your legs, heels on floor, toes pointed up

3. Lightly hold under your thighs with your palms

4. Slowly lean forward with your back straight but relaxed, letting your hands slide down your legs to the point of a good, painless stretch

5. Hold for 20 seconds, slowly relax back, then repeat once or twice more

This will ease tension in both hamstrings at the same time and relieve leg pain, just be careful of the chair slipping out from under you if it’s on wheels!

As with all desk stretches, tell your friends, your boss, your team, or your employees to do it too; no matter how active you or they are outside of the day job, stretches like this are great for maintaining mobility and easing pain.

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