In response to COVID-19, I have transitioned to Telehealth. That means an online video call session including a full assessment and consultation, as well as exercises and stretches prescribed as appropriate.

Please call or contact me to discuss, or see further information about a telehealth session with Drew Sports Therapy below:


How Does Telehealth Work?

In a nutshell, you get in touch outlining your issue and we plan a time to speak.
I'll send a link, from which one click will take you to the video session itself.
The rest happens as if I were in the room with you. I will:

  • listen to your story and ask some questions
  • carry out a physical assessment
  • observe your movements
  • provide you with immediate feedback, explaining your pain or condition and to help you understand the issues
  • give my best advice and diagnosis
  • outline a specific plan as necessary, likely to include relevant stretches to relax muscles, as well as exercises to strengthen, provide mobility and confidence in your body with reduced pain

For more detailed information on this, please get in touch to discuss further.

If during the assessment it becomes apparent that I'm not the right person to help you, or there might be an underlying health issue not in my remit, I will of course refer you to a GP, specialist physiotherapist, or other healthcare professional, as appropriate.


Does Telehealth Work?

Yes! I've been using it with clients and friends for the last year or so, and of course with a number of clients since COVID-19 has prevented face-to-face sessions. Please see my Testimonials section for what some clients have said.

Research is relatively limited, but I feel I've had great results partly due to clients having to be more engaged both physically and mentally in their rehab / prehab sessions.

Much more research is needed, but Cottrell et al 2016 concluded telehealth to be "effective and comparable to conventional methods of healthcare delivery for the improvement of physical function and pain in a variety of musculoskeletal conditions"
And Grona et al 2018 found a "positive impact on health outcomes and satisfaction".


Why Drew Sports Therapy?

As both a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sports Massage Therapist, the basis of my job is to help you move and feel better.  For telehealth sessions, that means I can see your movements from the point of view of both coach and soft tissue therapist.

I won't jump on a generalisation and pick a movement apart unless there's a very good reason to. Instead, I look for the root of an issue and I'm honest about how long it might take to improve or recover. Whether the aim is to reduce pain, perform better, or prevent pain/injury, I take your goal personally.

I focus on helping people understand their condition and taking control of it for themselves. Anyone who has seen me over the years will know the most important message I try to communicate is that, in the end, you are in charge and my model of care emphasises self management. Eventually, no matter how much I like you, I want to see you as little as possible!

Together, we can help you to recover for good from problems that may have been holding you back, prepare your body for the physical challenges coming your way, prepare and enhance training programmes, and I can carry out pre, post and inter event work.

Please call or contact me to chat or for more information.


Prices for Telehealth Sessions


  • New Client First Session = £30 (50% off previous face-to-face cost)
    This will last 1 hour including full assessment, consultation and rehab/prevention advice, demonstrations & prescription


  • Follow up sessions:
    • 30mins = £30
    • 3 x 30min sessions = £80 (over 10% off)
    • 6 x 30min sessions = £150 (over 15% off)
    • 12 x 30min sessions = £280 (over 20% off)

If you’re part of a team and need help, we can discuss alternative rates where possible.

Please contact me for a free 10-15min chat to discuss your pain or issue, your options and how we might approach things.


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