I will help reduce occupational & lifestyle stresses and physical problems through assessment and massage. I address the issues specific to you, so together we can correct them and improve your movement and physical health for good.

The aim of my work is that you can self-manage conditions so that long-term therapy is not required, although I will always be available for future advice and help.

I can visit your workplace to assist staff with their individual issues during the work day or after. Promoting wellbeing in the workplace, treatments will relieve stress and tension both physically and psychologically, leaving your employees refreshed, recharged, happier and focused. This can all be delivered in a bespoke way for your business.

To request my free mini brochure, or for further information, please call 07879676806 or contact me.


Sports Massage at Green Park, Mayfair

If my mobile sports massage service at your workplace isn't possible for your business and you’re based in West London, it's also easy to arrange a staff Wellness Day or book treatments at my new Green Park, Mayfair base within the Cosmetics Laser Clinic centre.
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Brightcove is a regular office massage client and here you can see the testimonial sent by Senior Vice President, Mark Blair.

And below are just some of the feedback my office massage business clients have had from their staff after my sessions:


"It was great! Helped with my back pain so would definitely recommend it.”


“Massage was great and it is always welcome to have this arranged by Brightcove in the office. I really felt much better and was more productive in the afternoon afterwards. Thanks for organizing this!”

"It was a nice thing to have. I'm always up for a massage and it's a nice to get out of the chair and learn better posture etc."


"It was great. He transported me to another dimension of relaxation."

"Really good. More please. I'd consider this to be an incredibly valuable office perk."


“Drew was a nice guy and the massage was great. If anything half an hour was not long enough!”

“Mine was nice. I enjoyed it and he is a friendly guy.”


“Really good massage, it helped a lot with some soreness I had from running.”