Desk Job Tips: Preventing Back & Leg Pain in one Hip Stretch


Desk Job Stretch:
Preventing Back & Leg Pain in one Hip Stretch


The hips can often be neglected, but they’re really important for a lot of our movements and there are knock-on effects to and from both your lower back and legs.

Here’s one easy stretch to help, broken down into five steps. You can do this at your desk, or even in the car if you’re parked:

1. Sit on the edge of your chair and keep your feet flat on the floor

2. Move your left ankle up to rest just above the knee on your right thigh

3. Sit up straight then slowly lean forward, keeping your spine straight

4. At the point you feel a good stretch, hold for 20-30 seconds before slowly moving back to a straight position

5. Repeat 2-3 times, then repeat with the other hip & leg

Easy! Set an alarm to do this every hour, or at least a few times during the day. Never stretch past the point of any pain.

Tell your friends, your boss, your team, or your employees to do it too; no matter how active you might be outside of your day job, you will feel the negative effects of sitting for too long as much as anyone else, and this is a great stretch for maintaining mobility, or easing pain.

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