Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy

 What is Sports Massage Therapy?
It’s a practise developed to help bring your body back to its full functional potential, often used by physiotherapists and osteopaths. It incorporates myofascial release and, in my practise, static stretching and corrective exercises to help rid you of pain and/or recover fully. It’s a more targeted and deeper type of massage than you may be used to at a spa or in a beauty treatment, although it does involve some Swedish massage strokes and the sensation of pain leaving your body is different for everyone.

A Sports Massage Therapy session includes a full assessment before any treatment, ensuring specific areas are targeted to treat any muscular or physical issues you might have, even if you’re only attending to help you relax. Whilst it was built and developed around athletes, its uses range from injury rehabilitation and prevention, to simply reducing occupational stress and increasing your overall well-being.

Please see 'Who Is It For?' below, or Services & Prices for more information.

Who is it for?

Active sports people, workers in desk jobs, tradespeople, drivers, musicians, dancers and anyone in between can benefit from Sports Massage Therapy.

Sports Massage will help a huge range of physical & psychological issues in various scenarios:

  • Muscular Pain Relief:
    - Neck
    - Back
    - Shoulders
    - Arms
    - Legs
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Injury Prevention (“Prehabilitation”)
  • Rehabilitation: assisting recovery as a stand-alone or complementary treatment
  • Postural Issues & Re-alignment: these can be caused by sitting at a desk, bad habits in training, or in other physical activity as simple as the way you walk
  • Events: Pre, Inter/Intra, Post
  • Corporate: Treatments will relieve stress and tension both physically and psychologically, leaving your employees refreshed, recharged, happier and focused
  • Sports Teams: Game days, training, or in between, I can help

Please see Services & Prices for more information.

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