Services & Prices


Prices for Telehealth Sessions

Please note that I have transitioned to Telehealth Online Sessions in response to COVID-19. Prices are below and more info on this service here.

  • New Client First Session = £30 (50% off previous face-to-face cost)
    This will last 1 hour including full assessment, consultation and rehab/prevention advice, demonstrations & exercise prescription


  • Follow up sessions:
    • 30mins = £30
    • 3 x 30min sessions = £80 (over 10% off)
    • 6 x 30min sessions = £150 (over 15% off)
    • 12 x 30min sessions = £280 (over 20% off)

If you’re part of a team and need help, we can discuss alternative rates where possible.

Please contact me for a free 10-15min chat to discuss your pain or issue, your options and how we might approach things.


Prices for Sports Massage

(Now available to book, within COVID-19 Guidelines*)

It’s very simple:

  • One hour = £60
  • 30 mins = £35

(Please see Pregnancy Massage page for Pre & Post Natal prices)

*Covid Screening Form sent to you prior to session. I will wear a visor, face mask, apron and change into indoor only trainers. Subject to change based on advice at the time.


Multi-session Packages

In a single session I can address the immediate pain or help your body relax, but getting to the real issue will often require more work from both you and a therapist.

I offer packages for bookings of 3, 5, 10 sessions or more, depending on your needs, which can be discussed at an initial standalone session or in advance of any meeting if you know what you are looking for.

Just contact me to discuss your options if you’re thinking about any of the below:

Relieving tension and the stresses of daily life to regularly release your muscles will help you physically and psychologically
Keeping you on the right track to avoid injury and ensure you are pain free, whatever your occupation or activity levels
If you’re looking to challenge yourself, we can make sure you’re on the right track whether that means just getting through it, avoiding injury, or working towards a new personal best
 If you’ve suffered from an injury, we can work towards your full recovery whether as a stand-alone treatment or to compliment others
Coming to your workplace to treat your employees to some much needed stress and muscular relief will make them more productive and keep them happy.

Please click here for more information, or get in touch to request my free corporate / office massage mini brochure.

If you’re part of a team and need help, I can work alone or with your backroom staff of doctors and physiotherapists to keep you active and competitive



  • First session includes full assessment and referral if necessary
  • I will ensure there is work for you to do outside of sessions to enhance & compliment my massage and hands-on treatments
  • I will give you as much information as possible to help your individual issue or situation, whether we see each other regularly or not
  • You’ll have access to my newsletter and other resources whenever you like

See how we can work together for more information, or contact me any time.