Whatever your level or sport, my sports massage and myofascial release treatments will help you recover and achieve your goals.

Together, we can help you to recover for good from problems that may have been holding you back, prepare your body for the physical challenges coming your way, prepare and enhance training programmes, and I can carry out pre, post and inter event work.

I can work with any sport, but some information and examples are below:

I will assess your issue and apply sports massage, passive stretching and advice to get you back to or keep you in full health.
I can work with your team on game days, in training, or in between. I love working with physiotherapists and team doctors, and enjoy applying my massage methods to new and neglected sports, as well as those more obvious.
I am experienced in working at events large and small, ready to provide sports massage and advice for competitors pre, post or inter event. Please contact me for more information.
Problems can be caused in a variety of ways, from bad habits or form, to overtraining or unbalanced training. I can get to the bottom of your issue through sports massage therapy and advice from me and my network to help you work & train smarter for good.
Whether learning self-defence, training or in competition, I can help keep you active and avoid injury.  I work to compliment training programmes and assist post-competition recovery by applying sports massage and passive stretching.
These tend to mean hard and fast movements that put your body to the test. Little niggles and pains or something more problematic can be dealt with through assessment and sports massage.
Swimming is a full body workout that is generally low-impact, but that also means you will be pushing and working your body hard. A full body sports massage or one concentrating on specific areas of tightness that might be holding you back can work wonders.
Gymnastics is incredibly demanding on the body and injuries occur far too frequently. Sports massage can complement training, relieving tension and helping condition muscles to avoid the injuries and problems.
Often neglected by most except the professionals, but even a sport seemingly slower can cause problems through repetition or style. There are pressures and strain put on your back and arms when swinging, as well as your legs to get you around the course.

Please call or contact me to chat or for more information.