In response to COVID-19, I have transitioned to Telehealth.
That means an online video call session including a full assessment and consultation, as well as exercises and stretches prescribed as appropriate. Click here for more information.


How We Can Work Together:
Sports Massage

Together we can make you feel better for good.
Here’s what to expect…



- Use the form on the contact page, email, or call me

- Simple chat about why you need my help

- Consultation booked, or referral made


- I come to you to at the agreed time

- Chat further to identify your goals/aims/targets and discuss lifestyle

- Postural & movement assessment – I’ll check the point of pain as well as your overall flexibility
and movement patterns to ensure I get to the root of the problem


- Your sports massage therapy treatment discussed & a tailored plan of attack formed

- Instructions for homework provided. I’ll give you things you to do outside of our sessions as part of your treatment

- Myofascial release through sports massage… Pain leaves your body!


- Review treatment and check status of issue

- Assess and discuss the initial issue and results

- Check flexibility & range of motion


- Additional literature and guidance for future self-care

- Access to my monthly Newsletter, as well as my health & fitness network

- I’m not going anywhere and am always available to talk


In Other Words…

I don’t follow the same process or routine. I treat you, the individual.

I talk to my clients about their pain throughout, using evidence based assessments to get to the root of the problem. I then take them through the issues and how we can solve them using sports massage and soft tissue mobilisation.

My clients are as much a part of the treatments as I am, so I give them simple movements, stretches and sometimes other work to do outside of our sessions with clear instructions - and I’m always around to chat about it if needed. The understanding and involvement of my clients in the treatment naturally leads to their engagement in the whole process and inevitable recovery, pain relief and success.

Please call or contact me for more information or to discuss further.