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JB Pilon - Buffalo Recording Studio


"Telehealth sorted me out in no time... highly recommended"


I had a session of Telehealth with David a few weeks ago.


He sorted me out in no time with a little muscle knot I got while training for a mountaineering expedition.


He took the time to check on me for days after the session and updated me with new exercises and stretches to maintain the improvement.


Friendly and pro. Highly recommended.

JB Pilon, Producer & Mountain Climber

Martin 'Bionic' Bell - Bell Trades


"Online one on one strength sessions changed my life"


After being hit with a drunk driver 9 years ago I've not been able to use my leg anywhere near to its normal capability.


I had hospital physiotherapy which got me walking again, but as for jogging and running, forget about it.


After speaking to Drew and doing some online one on one strength sessions, I've been able to gain enough strength to jog after 9 years. He's very knowledgeable and genuinely cares for his clients. I will definitely be continuing my work with him to hopefully get my ankle even better.


Corny as it sounds, he's changed my life.


Martin Bell, Bell Trades

Megan - Swimming Teacher & Runner

I had a lower back injury and pain, as well as a hip injury. After working through some recovery plans via video telehealth sessions, I was able to structure my usual training around the exercises and learned how to self manage the injuries.


It was my first experience of telehealth and was really easy and normal. I feel much more confident now since the video sessions with Dave 🙂


Back & hip injuries recovery plans via video telehealth

"Recovery plans via video telehealth have got me back running again 🙂 "

[Please see Telehealth page for for information about online services]
Megan, Swimming Teacher & Runner

Callum - Orion Harriers Running Club

I first met Dave when I was training for my first marathon and had endured a back injury. I was really concerned I wouldn’t be able to run the marathon, I phoned Dave and he was very positive and made me feel at ease. The massage treatment made the world of difference and significantly reduced the pain.


Since then, I have seen Dave regularly and he has always been able to resolve niggles and pains which has enabled me to keep training.


More recently, I suffered a calf injury and was unable to get treatment from Dave due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but he was able to help through video call appointments. Dave observed and tested me with movements to identify the problem. He then gave me a plan of exercises to strengthen the muscle and we had regular check ins & follow ups to see how things were progressing, tweaking the plan with additional stretches & other exercises to fully strengthen and target the muscle. Dave once again saved the day and I was soon able to run.


Overall, Dave is a professional, knowledgeable and affordable sports massage therapist.


Callum Telehealth London Marathon Calf Back

Callum of Orion Harriers at 2019 London Marathon after working with Drew Sports Therapy

[Please see Telehealth page for for information about online services]
Callum, Marathon Runner & Transfer Pricing Analyst