Mark Blair - Senior Vice President, International

Dave has been coming to our Brightcove London office since December 2016. He has provided excellent massage, health and postural advice to staff in extremely professional and discreet 30min sports massage sessions.


The response from staff has been superb. The comments from our workforce have shown us that they appreciate the sessions as a reward for their hard work. Moreover, they really enjoy the specific type of treatment and personable approach that Dave provides. If someone needs to relax, they do. If they have injuries and issues causing them trouble in or out of work, he helps with work in the session and after care advice. He’s made himself available to staff outside of the sessions and things have always run very smoothly on the days he’s in the office.


Overall, Drew Sports Therapy services have become an asset to the workforce health and morale and I can’t recommend Dave highly enough.

Mark Blair, Senior Vice President, International